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What to Do for Your Next Team Building Activity

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Calgary is a place that offers a great life for its residents.

As a hub for business, it has an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and gives space for ideas and big dreams to grow. However, businesses and relationships thrive when there is an excellent dynamic among the people involved. Team building activities are excellent for sharing experiences and helping individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses. With the best team-building activities in Calgary, the camaraderie among your teammates is bound to improve. As a team, there are several things to do around in Calgary, some of which are listed below.

Escape Room Challenges

If your team loves the adrenaline rush and time-bound challenges, you should consider escape rooms for your next event. Escape rooms are a perfect combination of thrill, intelligence, cooperation and problem-solving. The inspiration for escape rooms is taken from pop culture real-life events that will make your teammates like Sherlock Holmes.

Flight Simulation

If you are looking for an activity that is as unique as your team, you may want to head to our flight simulation experience. This unique activity will help your team bond with each other. Your team will have access to three simulators of two different flights- the Boeing 737 and the Spitfire VR simulators. These allow customers the chance to “fly” planes without having to go through 300 hours of flight school beforehand. After all, how many people you know can claim that they have flown a plane before? We are flexible and can customize based on what your event needs. You only need to reach us by phone, email, or onsite, and we can work out a plan to suit your team.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is fun no matter how old you are. They are great for stress-busting and cathartic activities. They encourage healthy competition among team members and develop skills essential for the workplace. If you want to regularly schedule your team for some well-deserved break, some places offer membership with additional benefits to regular customers. There are several missions to choose from to get a diverse and fun experience.

Tours and Tasting

If work has been crazy and you want a low-key day just to relax and have fun, you probably should consider going for a brewery or gelato tour and tasting session. After all, who doesn’t like alcohol and ice cream? Calgary has around 40 breweries, and your team members get a chance to make their own flavor of Gelato as part of the Gelato tour. Apart from a self-guided tour can also organize tours that you can be a part of. There can be no better way to relax after a hectic week.

Paint Nights

Another relaxing activity for your team is booking a paint night. This helps people relax and get in touch with their creative side. Suppose someone wants to explore more of their creativity, some places of our classes for you to take in the comfort of your own home. The sessions make people realize that simply sitting and painting is, and no matter the apprehension, in the beginning, they always come out loving the day.

There is so much to do around Calgary that it is difficult to run out of ideas. Just sit down with your team and see what everyone agrees on. If you decide on feeling like a pilot for a day, you know where to come!