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Executive Coaching Workshops

It is a unique setup!! Imagine attending with your team a workshop that is tailored to the needs and challenges that your company and team are encountering. A workshop/Program that addresses key skills that every leader and executive needs in their job! An experiential program that emphasizes key elements every executive of a High Performing Organization should possess!

What is unique about our setup is that we are bringing the above in a fast pace air force style setup using our F-18 Super Hornet Simulators, a sector that is full of lessons for leaders, practical that will deploy every aspect that is been taught in such workshops, in a fun, engaging and simulated experience. As a matter of fact this is the one of a kind setup in Canada Altitude Flight Simulation has joined forces with TheNewtonGroup, Corp, a Business and Management Consultant organization in the business to build leaders in companies of all sizes through their unique programs addressing organizational development needs.

This kind of partnership is the first of its kind. Combining a fast-paced airforce style setup using F-18 Super Hornet Simulators with world-class leadership development lectures and case studies create a one-of-a-kind training experience. A workshop session(s) tailored to your company’s needs with mission setup and coaching skills required to develop leaders and create organizational cultures that exemplify collaboration, communication, teamwork, strategic thinking, and focused business execution.

Topics such as Strategic Planning, Change Management, Communication, Continuous Improvement, Teambuilding, Conflict Management are just some examples. Workshops can be a One-Day, Two Days, or a multi-session program in which multiple overlapping topics can be covered, and outcomes, improvement can be reviewed.