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The Sky is Your Battlefiled

Ready for some Adrenaline, Ready for some action

Experience how it feels to be in a dog fight, experience what it takes to hit beyond enemy lines. Feel what it takes to control the sky and gain air superiority. Try our F-18 Super Hornet and live the experience.

Your Flying Skills Under Test

Do you have the skills to fly a Boeing 737

Always in a passenger seat? Wondering how it feels to be a captain? Try our advanced Boeing 737 simulator and experience what it takes to be a commercial pilot. Sit in the cockpit behind the panels and test your skills. Overwhelmed with complexity and instruments? Don’t worry our instructor will guide you through.

A Special Experience for a Special Event

Call your squadron crew to the briefing room

Book the facility for your event and enjoy an unmatched experience privately. Whether you want to build your team, have a special event you want to celebrate, or just have fun.

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Karine K

Had a blast today flying both the Boeing 737 and the F-18! Having worked in the airline industry for many years, I was impressed by the level of realism. It was a great feeling to be able to flick all the switches and buttons as you would in the real aircraft! Definitely recommended to anyone willing to have an amazing experience at the commands of an airplane!

Mohammed Z

I had an opportunity to try the place out for pre-opening experience. I took two of my kids along aged 15 and 13. We tried out the F18 simulator as a threesome and loved it! We were given a detailed briefing prior to the use of simulator and also guided help as we were on the simulator. We participated in a dog fight as well. My kids were simply blown away! I then had a chance at 737 simulator and went from gate departure to take-off and landing and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I had an experienced pilot with me all the time to guide and act as a navigator, WOW! Highly recommended!

Daniel Berg

This place is a solid 5/5

Steven Paolasini

Visited for the first time today and had an amazing experience. I did the commercial flight simulator, a Boeing 737 cockpit, and Yasser was my co-pilot. It was like we were in a real flight, checklists and everything. If you're an aviation nerd like me I would highly recommend checking this place out. The CF-18's I bet would be a blast with a group of people and I'm looking forward to bringing my coworkers here!

Dave EH

Great experience fully reccomend this operation, fly a Boeing 737 at any level you want the instructor will guide you through your flight. The four F18 Hornet simulators are very realistic, the can be flown independently or in an adversarial role, dog fights are encouraged. Yes instructor standing by to assist where needed.

matthew porter

This is the real deal! The 90 min F18 experience was perfect. Didn't take long to understand the basic controls and systems. Dont skip the briefing! Great experience and very accommodating staff! Will return!

Live It for Yourself!

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We provide a unique experience that nobody else provides. Fly like a Pilot, dog-fight like an Ace .

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