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Altitude Aviation Camps

Altitude Aviation Camps

The aviation industry is made up of amazing, one of a kind individuals who share a passion for flying with a level of intensity and excitement rarely seen elsewhere!

Our Aviation Camps are a great place to fulfill and foster the passion of you kids in aviation. Or open their horizons to something that has been always and inspiration of scientists

Learning and education mixed with fun and entertainment in a friendly and safe environment.
Learn about aviation, navigation, planes, pilot career and a lot more. We are 3200 sq.ft facility.

All materials are prepared and conducted by Pilots

Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma
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My son’s birthday is in next month. His school is also opening in first week of September. So I was think to give a birthday gift, and this summer camp ,I found the BEST for him. He really enjoyed it and enhanced his learning to pursue it as his career. A big thanks to the founder and other staff of Altitude flight simulation academy. Thanks to all.
Andrzej Bujalski
Andrzej Bujalski
Great Place
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My son went there for a summer camp and according to him it was the best camp he ever had. he learned lot of new stuff and had awesome time. Myself I was extremely happy with professionalism of owner and staff. they made us fell like a part of their community. My son is leaving to Europe before Spitfire simulator will be available to public but they still let him try it…Great place great people

Introduction to Aviation

July 15th 2024

Age group 8 - 11 yrs

Inspired by CBE G6 curriculum

Forces, Design, Components, Controls, are some of what will be covered

Simplified & filled with hands-on experiments

Simulator time to put the knowledge into action

2 Days, 8 Participants

Gift Card, Certificate upon completion

Aviation Camp

Level 1

(New Session opened)

8th July 2024

Age group 11 - 16 yrs

Our most popular, with ~40% simulator time

History, Instrumentation, Navigation, ATC,
Failure handling, Recovery, Pilot Career are some of what will be covered.

4 Days, 8 Participants

Gift Card, Certificate and Medal upon completion

Aviation Camp

Level 2

July 22th 2024

Age group 11 - 16 yrs

A step closer to a 737 Cockpit!

VFR, Route design, multiple cockpit familiarizations

Kids will learn and practice on the three types of Simulators (F-18, Spitfire & 737)

4 Days, 8 Participants

Gift Card, Certificate and Medal upon completion

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Disclaimer: This is an entertainment simulator only. It is not approved by FAA. All training, instruction,
procedures… etc are for entertainment purpose only and by no mean should be applied to actual flying.