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Five Things You Must Do in Calgary

Calgary is a place that is the perfect combination of great work and general life.

The city is a hub for business as the ecosystem offers space for innovation and a natural playground for growth. Ideas have room to grow here, and the possibility of big dreams being fulfilled is high. Calgary is a city evolving with the world and helping the world change. One of the youngest major cities in Canada, Calgary is a place where anything is possible. Meaningful work and an exceptional lifestyle go hand in hand here. The start-up ecosystem and small business community are ripe with opportunities. But Calgary is not all about work. If you wonder what the possible recreational activities in Calgary are, here are our top picks.

Experience Flight Simulation

Cheeky, we know! But we truly are one of the best stuff to do in Calgary. We are flight and aviation enthusiasts. We are the only flight simulation center in Calgary that is open to the public, and we require no experience. Our flight simulation is perfect for any kind of activity, whether group, individual, personal or professional. Our expert instructors will guide and help you throughout the experience. If you want an unmatched thrill ripe with information, education and enjoyment, we are what you should choose.

Sports Hall of Fame

Canada’s sports hall of fame has been a registered charitable and cultural institution for over six decades. As Canada’s only national museum of sport, it focuses on recognizing, educating and curating thought leadership with a focus on the history and culture of sport in Canada. Over 700 people have been inducted into the sports hall of fame since its establishment in the year 1955.

Heritage Park

Since its gates opened in the year 1964, the park has become one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions. All through the year, visitors have the chance to interact with nearly 100 years of history. The exhibits span from the fur trade of the 1860s to the petroleum-dominated 1950s. The park has made its mission to preserve the early West’s history and educate and entertain guests of all age groups for generations to come.

Alberta Beer Festival

If you want to experience the ultimate beer and spirit experience, the Alberta beer festival in Calgary is the place to be at. One of the six events, it is a forum for breweries and distilleries to share their stories, passions and product with enthusiasts of western Canada. Alberta Beer Festival wishes to positively impact the spirit industry with local charities and communities.

Calgary River Experience

The only guided river experience, visitors can embark on a journey to view downtown Calgary from its original highway – The Bow River. As you float down the river, you get to see the amazing architecture that Calgary offers. The high-rise buildings, old and new bridges, and historical offices, are all views of the inner city that even long-time residents of Calgary have never witnessed.

These are our top five picks of things to do in Calgary. There are so many other amazing activities that are perfect for family or corporate outings. However, if you want to experience what it feels like to be a pilot, you should trust us to give you the full experience.