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4 Tips To Remember When SkyDiving

You finally mustered up the courage and signed on the dotted line. You swallowed your fear and signed up for your first skydiving adventure.

How excited are you?! But now that the jump is nearing, you’re getting butterflies in your stomach and want to be sure you’re ready. No need to be concerned; everything is perfectly normal and natural.

Eat As You Would Otherwise, But Hydrate More!

You may be concerned that eating a full meal would make you sick in the air, but skydiving on an empty stomach is not the solution. Those who do not eat or drink before jumping experience severe symptoms, frequently getting light-headed or dizzy.

Jumping on a full stomach might make you nauseous, much like skydiving on an empty stomach. Eat a “regular” lunch a few hours before jumping, but don’t overeat! At I Fly Calgary, they are usually equipped with their bar and restaurant. Make a day of it by arriving early and grabbing dinner.

If you’re too afraid to eat, drink a high-calorie power smoothie to keep your blood sugar constant. Speaking of drinking, drink plenty of water a couple of hours before your jump to avoid feeling tired on the ride up or during the descent. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before the jump; it doesn’t work well for relaxing nerves and might make you feel wobbly or give you a headache, ruining your experience!

Get There On Time, If Not Early!

If you are prone to being late, provide extra time for travel before the leap. It is critical to be on time to properly check in, complete any paperwork, and complete your pre-jump orientation before boarding the plane.

When you arrive late, you cause your take-off time and the jumps of others to be delayed. If you arrive late, you cannot jump that day and will be charged for your tandem skydiver’s time. In addition to disrupting others’ schedules, your delay will almost certainly cause further stress, which is the last thing you want if you already have first-time jumper anxiety!

Accept The Nerves And Reminisce On Breathing.

There’s no getting around it: you will feel nervous if you’re a first-time skydiver. However, the suspense and butterflies may be exciting and contribute to the excitement around the event!

Instead of dwelling on your anxieties, concentrate on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths as you ascend: in through your nose, out through your mouth. When your heart rate begins to slow, your thoughts will frequently follow suit. Make a deliberate decision to appreciate the experience.

Dress Accordingly For The Skydive.

One of first-time skydivers’ most often asked questions is, “What should I wear for the jump?” It’s an excellent question. The improper attire can detract from the exhilaration of the leap, so don’t worry; stick to our outfit suggestions.

Begin by checking the weather forecast (and ensuring it is in the vicinity of the skydiving center!). Wear a sporty version of what you’d ordinarily wear on a 75-degree day, such as sports shorts and a tank top.

The greatest advice is to wear tight/well-fitting clothing because loose material may flail like crazy at 120 mph! This is also why sandals or open-toed shoes are not permitted on the jump or why they advise against wearing loose-fitting footwear; you’ll never see those shoes again when the wind tears them off!

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