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Reasons Why You Should Go Skydiving

a group of people jumping in the air

First-time skydivers are usually apprehensive about jumping out of an airplane. This is natural, but frayed nerves are no excuse to forego the event entirely.

If first-time skydiving nerves aren’t an issue for you and you’re ready to go, check out How to Prepare for Skydiving 101 for everything you need to know before jumping off that plane.

Conquering Your Fear.

Many people try skydiving for the first time to conquer a phobia. Whether you get goosebumps just thinking about huge buildings or are terrified of death, there’s no better way to confront your fears than to live them in the real world!

Face your fear directly by looking it in the eyes and saying, “I’m not frightened of you!” After plummeting from the sky, many people feel invincible, as if they can achieve anything in the world. Feel the ultimate freedom of freefall and depart feeling like a sky champion.

Is Skydiving Enjoyable? Yes! And Very Little Work.

Skydivers, for the first time, will never jump out of a plane alone; you will always be teamed with a trained skydiving instructor. This teacher had to undergo rigorous training and get unique qualifications to freefall someone tied to their chest.

Your tandem instructor will be pushing the steering toggles throughout your first jump, ensuring that your canopy opens properly and that you land safely. There are a few things you can learn and do to help them out, but for the most part, you may relax and enjoy the thrill without any rigorous training or teaching.

Time Gets A New Appreciation.

You’ll spend 10-15 minutes in the plane rising to exit at a high altitude to commence your indoor activities Calgary.

Depending on the height of your jump, you’ll spend 30-90 seconds in freefall and another 5-7 minutes beneath the parachute before landing.

Your entire skydiving experience lasts only a few minutes, yet it feels like a lifetime in the air! Time seems to stop when in freefall, and a few seconds might feel like a few minutes or more. Reaching high speeds during your descent is probably one of the best reasons to jump. You’ll feel the wind in your hair, see the clouds and the breathtaking view ahead, and depart with a newfound appreciation for time.

View From A Bird’s Eye.

This is a given: you will witness sights you would not normally see. You’ll see the Earth, buildings, and automobiles as tiny dots. You’ll experience the clean, fresh air high up in the bright heavens.

There’s no doubt about it: for your first time skydiving, you’ll get a great perspective from outside a plane, something few people can say they’ve done.

Take another breath if you still wonder, “Should I go skydiving?” Of course, it’s safe, and it’s an incredible experience! Do you think we’d allow you and our crew to leap out of a plane if it wasn’t?

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