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The Top Corporate Events and Team Building Ideas to Take off With

On March 11th, the Canadian government declared that coronavirus was a pandemic.

At this point, schools closed and many employees started working from home. A large number of Canadians have not seen their coworkers in three months due to COVID-19.

Now, the world is starting to beat this deadly virus. Many countries are starting to reopen their economy and start a gradual return to normal.

Read on to learn how to rebuild chemistry with your employees. Explore the top corporate events and team building exercises.

Flight Simulator

By now, your team has done all the standard team-building events. Do you want to take it to the next level and give them an unforgettable experience?

Hosting your next team building event at a flight simulator is the special experience you are looking for. There are two different flight simulators to choose from.

First, there are four F-18 Super Hornet flight simulator. This shows users what it feels like to fly in one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world and engage with your colleagues in fierce dogfights. The F-18 is an incredible accomplishment in aviation traveling more than 1900 kilometers per hour.

The second flight simulator is the Boeing 737. This is a much larger plane and has many complex controls.

With the flight simulator, you get to experience a takeoff and landing. You can virtually travel to destinations all over the world like Hong Kong or Dubai. Your group can enjoy reservations two hours long or more making this a life-long memory.

Some may elect not to fly the plane, but there are still roles to play. You can cheer on your teammates during an F-18 dogfight or learn more about aviation from one of our professional commercial pilots instructors.

Other Team Building Ideas

While we realize that it will be tough to top a flight simulator, there are some other great team-building events to try. Some teams find success in having a corporate event at a baseball game. The team can take in a baseball game and enjoy catered food.

Another idea is to attend a sports game together. In Calgary, you can watch the Flames compete in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Also playing in Calgary are the Stampeders. The Stampeders play American-style football in the Canadian Football League (CFL). You can rent out group suites with food and drink catering at either stadium.

The Top Corporate Events and Team Building

As your employees start to reenter your office space, it is possible that the chemistry is not what it once was. There is no question that it is difficult to develop chemistry in a remote environment.

A team building event is a perfect way to bring the chemistry back. Your employees can work together to fly a fighter jet in the F-18 flight simulator. If you are interested in booking one of the top corporate events and team building experiences, contact us today to make a reservation.