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Five Interesting Things You Learn from Flight Simulators

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A flight simulator is a machine that uses computer technology, sound, motion, and other inputs to show you what it’s like to fly an airplane. Wouldn’t you want to know what an airplane flies like in the sky?

There are many interesting things you need to learn from flight simulators. This quick post will tell you five interesting things you can learn from it. Before you find out what Calgary Flying Club offers, skim this post as we will tell you something interesting and intriguing.

What happens in a flight simulator?

A pilot trainee gets seated in the simulator cockpit and learns how to fly the airplane. An instructor is present with the pilot trainee to teach how to use the controls.

The cockpit has similar controls as a flight and the rest of the instruments. The training is identical to what the trainee will face in the air.

It’s the safest way for a trainee pilot to get used to real-world applications. Flying safe up there is important because lives are at risk.

There are some advanced types of simulators that use motion and also sounds to train the trainees for an advanced experience.

Trainees are learners – they need to experience something similar before they start flying, so flight simulators are necessary.

Five Interesting Things You Need to Know About Flight Simulators

  1.  You need to know what you are doing when flying a plane. There is no room for error. The pilot needs to be aware of the visual flight rules, and then they should be aware of the instrument flight rules. Navigation and knowing about the flight instruments and their work is equally crucial. A flight simulator mimics what a real flight would have when the pilot flies a plane. The route is programmed into the simulator, so the trainee knows where they are headed.
  2.  The flight simulator teaches you how you can handle emergencies. This way, the trainee becomes better prepared for all kinds of situations. The real world is not as merciful. Thus, one has to be prepared for emergency landings and situations inside the plane. What if there is an electrical malfunction or an ice cap? You have to know how to maneuver.
  3. Understanding radio procedures is crucial. Haven’t you seen movies? Trainee pilots will get used to radio procedures inside the flight with the help of a simulator. Everything can seem intimidating, but not when you have a similar setup in a simulator. This will be a learning curve for you. Learn everything about radio communication when you are a trainee. The instructor will offer you a real-world experience while being in the simulator.
  4. Dealing with bad weather is something you must take care of when flying. It’s not going to be all sunshine. A flight simulator will teach you how to handle the plane during snow, rain, ice, and other conditions.  You can be a good pilot when you learn to deal with all these weather conditions.
  5. You are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people. The instructors teach you how to react in different scenarios to stay safe in the sky. Putting the wrong coordinates and dealing with the situation carelessly will land you in trouble. It’s time to get trained!