Become A Maverick


Ever wondered what it takes to fly like the best of the best and train your elite flying skills at Altitude Flight Simulation. With your own cockpit you take control of one of the deadliest aircraft in the sky.  The F/A-18 Super hornet is only limited by the pilot, see if you have what it takes to fly it like a true Maverick.

Enjoyed the movie! Its time to fly it yourself

Push The Plane To Its Limits

In our cockpits you will find a realistic simulation of the real-life aircraft. Test your skills and see if you can master take-offs and landings. Give yourself a challenge and try to land on a carrier with a 300ft runway. With all armaments available to you, test your combat skills against in-game bots, or other pilots. The F/A-18 is a very aerobatic aircraft and can handle nearly any situation you throw at it. Fly like you’re in an airshow. Pulling stunts like they do in TopGun, or flying in formation with friends and show off your flying skills.

“This place is great, regardless of your experience level.”


Its time to do it

Fly With Your Wingman

Bring friends, family, or colleagues with you on your flight to see how well everyone holds up under the pressure of a dogfight. Fly in teams, or have a free-for-all in the sky. When you’re done fighting you can keep competing to see who can make the best landing, then see who can master the aircraft carrier. If you would rather have a peaceful tour through the sky, you can take your group anywhere in the world and go sightseeing together. The F/A-18’s can accommodate any group!

Become A Maverick

Live It for Yourself!

For Reservations Call (403) 775-2500

We provide a unique experience that nobody else provides. Fly like a Pilot, dog-fight like an Ace. 

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