iFly Centre Calgary vs Altitude Flight Simulation Centre


Really fun


Exciting Experience


It Is Really Special

Altitude Flight Simulation Provides an exceptional experience for people in Calgary.  Altitude Flight Simulation makes the dream of flight a reality with indoor skydiving in a safe... Really fun and exciting experience, and the instructors made it really special. Just like iFly Calgary do.

If you are here, you probably are either curious, or interested in unique experiences that get you off the ground, and up to a high altitude. Few services can provide that here in Alberta. iFly Calgary will give you a skydiving experience without going 12,000 ft in the air, skydive without having to jump of a plane! taking a lot of risks out of this type of experience. At Altitude Flight Simulation, you will be flying a plane without getting your feet of the ground. You will get to enjoy a scenery without getting in the air. We simply can let you fly a variety of aircraft with accurate physical cockpits and realistic simulators with no experience required.

If you are interested in what it is like to fly, consider jumping into the cockpit of a Boeing 737, taking your passengers on a flight between Kelowna and Calgary, or touring around Dubai. If you want to take yourself and friends, family, or colleagues out for an evening together where you can engage and play together, jump into the seat of Canada’s fighter jet, the F/A 18C. Dogfight around Vancouver, or see who is the first to land on an aircraft carrier. To feel fully immersed in flight, try out the Spitfire’s. The head tracking virtual reality headsets will allow you to keep track of the whole battlefield while you search for a fight or try to get someone off your tail.

If you decide on one of our experiences, your time is valuable! We will provide a briefing on the basics of flying the different simulators prior your experience. Whether you book 30, 60, or 90 minutes, you will be flying the whole time. You will have the opportunity to engage in group dogfight activity all together. Our instructors are at your disposal, so feel free to ask any questions about what you are doing or see if there are any challenges, we can throw your way. The simulators are powerful and can provide many different experiences, with no change to the price of your flight. Call or check out our website for more information on what we can provide.

Lets high light the comparison of Altitude Flight Simulation Centre vs iFly Centre Calgary

  1. At Altitude Flight Simulation, booked experience time is pure simulation and fun. Briefing time is not part of the booked experience time. So you get pure joy for the time booked
  2. When you pay for 30min, you will get 30min in the simulator! At Altitude cost has incremental discount based on the number of parties participating in the experience, this is all done seamlessly through out website without having to call
  3. Offering a variety of experiences, for wide range of participants. Chilling, thrilling & Immersive …. There is always one that will suits you.
  4. Great customer satisfactions all the way from the experience on the website, through booking, briefing and to the important Staff and Simulators quality
  5. Flexibility with various missions on each simulator that can be tailored to participant joy.

Based on our experience with Altitude Flight Simulation customers, they normally like to try both, some will prefer our services some other still will prefer iFly indoor Calgary. 


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