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Five Fun and Interesting Team Building Indoor Activities Your Employees Will Love

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Team building is a word that was used back in school. Teachers would segregate the class in groups and then ask everyone to work in ‘teams’.

It could be solving a puzzle or participating in a quiz. As we grew up, the story hasn’t changed. Even in corporate culture, we are asked to work in teams.

There is a fairly new concept of team-building activities where employees get together, bond, and work as a team. Whether it’s an escape room or a paintball war, there are quite a few team-building activities that you can try. Team-building is essential because it reminds the workers that it’s not just about them, it’s about the team.

Let’s highlight some indoor activities in Calgary right here in this quick post. Dive right in to find out!

  1. A Compliment Circle. Get into a circle and spend  minutes complimenting each other. This is not a flattery game, but something to remind each other that everyone can work together. When working in a company, you don’t have to compete with another employee. Both the people have the same target which is to see the company reach new heights.
  2. Flight Simulators for a Fun-Filled Day. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see how a pilot flies a plane? Thankfully, there are flight simulators that can give you the experience of what it feels like to be in the cockpit. Once again, it’s teamwork, so one can arrange a day trip to a flight simulator in Calgary. It’s one of the best indoor activities for teams. Moreover, the team will get to learn something new too.
  3. Giving Blind Directions. Another fun indoor activity is blindfolding the employees and letting other employees give them directions. It’s a fun way to bond with each other. It requires team effort and team work to get through this activity. This activity can be conducted in the office during lunch break too. You can ask the blindfolded employees to pick an object or paint something. This activity can be done in pairs or in a group of four too.
  4. Paintball Game to Improve Teamwork Paintball is all about tactics and strategy. It’s all about communication between the team members. You have to listen and communicate with the team members to achieve the goal. Teamwork is pivotal in both paintball and business. The game will encourage allies to work together and thrive in the game as well.
  5. Escape Room. Getting out of an escape room can be a daunting task. When a team works together, they are able to unlock the clues and escape from the room. It’s an indoor activity that requires teams to work together to solve the puzzle. As soon as you unlock the puzzle, you are able to get out of the room.

Concluding Thoughts

All the activities mentioned above are best for team building. You can book a flight simulator session or go for paintball or an escape room. Try out different things and make your employees happy. This way they will also learn to work together.